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Teach Kent: Training the Trainers in the South East

We believe by providing the best support throughout the delivery of teaching, assessing and verifier qualifications, you will not only enjoy your learning, but will improve in confidence to either apply for a job or be promoted.

We are here to train the trainers in Kent and across the South East, enabling people to teach and assess and also provide training and workshops for EPA preparation and delivery.

Vocational teacher training courses in Kent

We provide advice and guidance to anyone that wants to deliver their own training courses as an accredited training provider.

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We are qualified assessors, verifiers and teachers with QTLS status here at Teach Kent training with over 30 years' experience. The support we provide is flexible, professional and is tailored to your own needs. We have helped over 1300 individuals to achieve qualifications and progress within their own jobs and careers.

We will provide you with all resources to support you with your course and you will be supported by one of our professional assessors throughout. Once enrolled onto the course, you can book as many training sessions as you need to support you.



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 How Vocational Teacher Training Works

We are highly experienced in training individuals to assess, verify and teach in Kent and the surrounding areas. We deliver one-to-one practical and theory lessons and provide extensive resources, textbooks, and study materials which are included within the cost of the registration fees.

Fast-track vocational training courses are available.

We accredited by VTCT and regulated by OFQUAL with Direct Claims status (which means we receive excellent reports from our inspections) and you will not wait weeks to receive your certificate.

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We support our students every step of the way!

Whether you intend to begin teaching in the hair and beauty sector, or in health and safety, our vocational teacher training will be designed according to your needs. You will have all the resources available to practice lesson planning, and support your students when they need your help. With the aid of our vocational teacher training, you can become a confident, capable, and qualified vocational teacher in your subject.

We offer vocational teacher training qualifications and courses to train the trainer in Kent and across the South East.

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Who is vocational teacher training for?

Vocational teacher training is designed for individuals who aspire to become vocational teachers or are already working in vocational education and training (VET) settings. It aims to equip them with the necessary skills, knowledge, and pedagogical approaches to effectively teach vocational subjects and prepare students for specific trades, professions, or industries.

These industries include:

  •  Mental Health Awareness
  • Health & Safety
  •  Retail & Customer Service
  • First Aid
  •  Business Management
  • Hair Dressing & Beauty




Hear what our vocational teacher training learners have to say!


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Not sure what vocational teacher training qualification to do?

We offer vocational teacher training qualifications and courses to train the trainer in Kent and across the South East. Fill in our easy-to-use form, or email us directly via: enquiries@teachkent.com

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