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At Teach Kent, we provide vocational teacher training for would-be assessors, enabling them to attain qualifications in vocational assessment and IQA awards. We provide assessor and IQA training in Kent, so you or your employees and assessors can give their trainees and students the support they need, as well as accurate, diligent evaluation.

With each course a certificate is awarded, and we also offer fast-track assessor and IQA training in Kent and the South East, enabling your team to get up to speed fast. Our assessor courses are thorough, relevant, and comprehensive, and our rates are very competitive. All resources and materials are provided with the course package. Book yours today by filling in our contact form here.

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Vocational Teacher Training Qualifications Available:



What is an IQA Qualification?

An IQA qualification refers to a formal certification or qualification that validates an individual's competence in Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) practices. IQA is a process that ensures the quality and consistency of assessment practices within educational or training settings.

IQA qualifications are typically awarded to individuals who have completed specific training programs or courses that focus on developing the necessary knowledge and skills in IQA.



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