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We offer a range registration-fee-only courses and free vocational training courses for employees and private individuals looking for vocational teacher training. Find the Vocational Teacher Training awards and qualifications you need here.




Are you looking to enhance your skills, broaden your knowledge, or embark on a new career path?

Our platform offers a range of free vocational training courses designed to empower individuals like you with valuable skills in customer service, mental health awareness, and preparing to start a new business.

Customer Service Training Courses

In today's competitive business landscape, excellent customer service skills are vital for success. Our customer service training course provides comprehensive guidance on understanding customer needs, effective communication techniques, conflict resolution, and building strong customer relationships. Whether you're starting your career or seeking to improve your existing skills, this course equips you with the tools to deliver exceptional service and create positive customer experiences.

Mental Health Awareness Training Courses

The importance of mental health awareness cannot be overstated. Our mental health awareness training course aims to increase understanding and reduce stigma surrounding mental health issues. Through this course, you'll gain valuable insights into common mental health conditions, learn to recognize signs of distress, and explore strategies for providing support and promoting mental well-being. This course is beneficial for individuals in various fields, including healthcare, education, human resources, and community services.

 Vocational Teacher Training in Kent and South East England





Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I am enrolling onto the right course?

Teach Kent will complete a training needs analysis that will include feedback on the course that is right for you, and provide additional support if required.

Can the qualification be achieved remotely?

Theory and knowledge is delivered remotely to achieve the qualification, all you need is the internet and a computer/ laptop.

Do I need to pay for my own teaching resources?

No, we send you the teaching resources required for the course

When will I receive my certificate?

We are an approved centre with Direct Claims status which means you will not wait weeks to receive your certificate.

When can I enrol?

Enrolment and achievement dates are very flexible. You can start today!



At Teach Kent, we offer a wide range of free Vocational Teacher training courses. Book yours today.



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